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Azarm Ghareman, PhD

As a Clinical Psychologist with special training in Depth Psychology, (PSY17003) I have conducted many professional training workshops, and currently teach at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California, as an adjunct faculty member. I also hold advanced degrees in chemistry and business administration.

My life includes several difficult cultural adaptations. At age 16, I emigrated from Iran and spent two years in an international high school in Geneva, Switzerland,  studying subjects in English, which at the time was a foreign language to me. I watched my country burn in conflict of revolution as I adjusted to life in a foreign land.

At age 18, I came to San Luis Obispo, California —  a stranger to the American culture and knowing no one — in pursuit of higher education in chemistry. Resilience and determination helped me survive the acculturation challenges. I achieved academic excellence and made many friends. I moved on to graduate degrees in chemistry and business administration, but eventually found my vocation in psychology and have remained in this field ever since.

I have wide cultural interests, particularly in language, and especially in Persian poetry. Cooking and writing are my favorite hobbies. I believe simplicity is the essence of elegance and a key to contentment.

My private practice is in San Luis Obispo, California where I enjoy working with adults, the elderly, and couples.